Depileve 14 oz. Mondi Of Tahiti Hard Wax

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Depileve 14 oz. Mondi Of Tahiti Wax. Transform your hair removal routine with Depileve's 14 oz. Mondi Of Tahiti Wax. This stripless wax formula applies like a soft wax, but it's removed like a hard wax, making it the perfect solution for even the most stubborn hairs. With this wax, you'll be able to remove the entire root, even on short hair, leaving your skin stubble-free, smooth, and moisturized. Its 100% organic composition of Pine Rosin, Cocoa Butter, and Gardenia Flower Extract ensures a gentle and effective treatment every time.

This versatile wax can be used on all areas, including delicate and hard-to-reach places, making it a go-to choice for Brazilian-style applications. Its aqua opalescent color and gentle Gardenia fragrance add an extra touch of luxury to your hair removal experience. Trust Depileve's Mondi Of Tahiti Wax to deliver outstanding results that will leave you and your clients satisfied every time.


  • This stripless formula is applied like a soft wax, but is removed like a hard wax.
  • Removes the entire root, even on short hair, and leaves skin stubble free, smooth and moisturized.
  • Can be used on all areas.
  • Great for use on delicate areas, including Brazilian style applications.
  • 100% organic, made from Pine Rosin, Cocoa Butter and Gardenia Flower Extract.
  • Has an aqua opalescent color and a gentle Gardenia fragrance.