Depilève® Intimate Extra Film Wax - 14oz

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Depilève® Intimate Extra Film Wax - 14oz.

Experience the ultimate in intimate waxing with Depilve's Intimate Extra Film Wax. Specifically designed for professionals like you, this exceptional wax delivers outstanding results while ensuring the utmost comfort for your clients. Say goodbye to traditional hard wax and embrace the convenience and efficiency of this innovative solution.

Efficiency Redefined

Double your profit and save valuable time with Depilve's Intimate Extra Film Wax. By using just 50% less product compared to traditional hard wax, you can increase your revenue while providing the same excellent results. This means fewer product refills and more satisfied clients walking through your doors.

Gentle Care For Intimate Areas

Your clients' comfort is of utmost importance, and Depilve understands that. Formulated with Hydrogenated Rosin, Avena Oil, and Cocoa Seed Butter, this wax offers superior protection, hydration, and soothing properties for delicate and intimate areas. Pamper your clients and create a relaxing experience they'll rave about.

The Perfect Brazilian Wax

When it comes to Brazilian waxing, precision and effectiveness are key. Depilve's Intimate Extra Film Wax applies like a soft wax, allowing for smooth and effortless application. However, it removes like a hard wax, ensuring complete hair removal from the root. No stubble or irritation is left behind, leaving your clients with incredibly smooth and flawless skin.

No Strips Required

Simplify your waxing routine with Depilve's Intimate Extra Film Wax. Say goodbye to the hassle of using strips. This wax eliminates the need for extra materials, making your waxing process more streamlined and efficient. Spend less time preparing and more time providing exceptional services to your clients.

Product Details:

  • Size: 14 oz.


  • No strips required!
  • Double your profit - use 50% less product than traditional hard wax.
  • Protects, hydrates, and calms intimate areas.


  • Ideal for Brazilian waxing.