Depilève® Pine Rosin - 14oz

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Depilève® Pine Rosin - 14oz.

Discover the ultimate waxing solution for your professional spa, salon, or studio with Depilève® Pine Rosin. This high-quality product offers exceptional benefits and features that will enhance your waxing services and leave your clients feeling smooth and satisfied. With its easy-to-use consistency and cost-effective nature, Depilève® Pine Rosin is the go-to choice for large area applications. Let's explore why this wax is a must-have addition to your waxing repertoire:


  • Easy to use: Depilève® Pine Rosin has a thin consistency that spreads smoothly and evenly, ensuring effortless application.
  • Cost-effective: This pine rosin wax offers exceptional value for its price, making it an economical choice for professionals who seek high-quality yet affordable waxing products.
  • Efficient large area applications: Designed specifically for large area treatments, this wax allows you to cover more surface in less time, increasing your efficiency and productivity.
  • Exceptional grip: The unique formula of Depilève® Pine Rosin ensures strong adhesion to the hair, providing a reliable grip for effective hair removal.
  • Smooth and satisfying results: With its superior grip and thorough hair removal, this wax leaves your clients' skin silky smooth and free from unwanted hair.


Depilève® Pine Rosin is specifically formulated for large area applications, making it an excellent choice for professionals catering to clients seeking extensive hair removal treatments. Whether you're waxing legs, arms, or other sizable areas, this wax delivers consistent and reliable results. Its easy-to-use consistency allows for smooth and controlled application, ensuring an efficient and comfortable waxing experience for both you and your clients.


Depilève® Pine Rosin is made with a carefully selected blend of ingredients to provide optimal performance and client satisfaction. The key ingredients include:

  • Rosin glyceryl: This ingredient helps create the desired consistency and adhesion properties of the wax.
  • Hydrogenated rosinate: Known for its adhesive qualities, hydrogenated rosinate contributes to the wax's ability to grip the hair effectively.
  • Mineral oil: Provides lubrication and smoothness to the wax, enhancing its spreadability and overall performance.
  • Castor oil: Known for its nourishing properties, castor oil helps moisturize and soothe the skin during and after the waxing process.

Depilève® Pine Rosin is a top-quality wax that combines ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional results. Elevate your waxing services with this versatile and reliable product, ensuring your clients experience the utmost satisfaction and enjoy smooth, hair-free skin. Order your 14oz. jar of Depilève® Pine Rosin today and take your waxing treatments to the next level!