DL Professional Glass Manicure Jar / 21 oz.

DL Pro
VO-222506   DL-C552
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DL Pro Glass Manicure Jar / 21 oz. Introducing the DL Pro Glass Manicure Jar, the perfect tool for spa and salon professionals looking for a reliable and effective way to sanitize and disinfect implements. With a 21 oz. capacity, this jar is the ideal size for manicure tools, and its thick-walled beveled glass and 100% stainless steel parts ensure that it will last a long time. The removable basket makes it easy to use and clean, and the non-slip rubber ring base provides added stability.

Say goodbye to the hassle of trying to sanitize implements with ineffective methods. The DL Pro Glass Manicure Jar makes the process quick, easy, and reliable. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to the safety of your clients and the longevity of your tools.

Invest in the DL Pro Glass Manicure Jar today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your implements are properly sanitized and disinfected. Your clients will thank you for it.