Dr. Temt Azulene Gelform Mask / 8.45 oz. (AZMG8)

Dr. Temt
GD-550786   AZMG8
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Dr. Temt Azulene Gelform Mask / 8.45 oz. This mask is recommended for sensitive skin. Azulene (Chamomile) is calming and soothing to bring instant comfort to irritated skin. It lightly moisturizes and minimizes redness. Recommended for very sensitive skin or for those with rosacea. Helps to calm skin while absorbing impurities, calming irritation and adding moisture.

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  • Skin Type: For sensitive, veined, sun damaged and irritated skin.
  • Product Type: Gel Mask
  • Suggested Use: IT Soothing Complex Ampoule for Sensitized Skin (See Product GD-550925), IV Aloe Ampoule (See Product GD-550913) or IR Hydro Complex Ampoule (See Product GD-550920).
  • Major Ingredients:

    • Azulene: smoothing and anti-inflammatory.
    • Glycerine: improves skins moisture, smoothing.