Dr. Temt Vienna Eye Cream and Lip Balm (EC)

Dr. Temt
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Dr. Temt Vienna Eye Cream and Lip Balm. This pure ointment successfully combats wrinkles and fine lines. Primary ingredients include sweet almond oil, pure bees wax and rose petal extract. Soothes, replenishes and protect the delicate skin of the eye area and Softens dry, chapped lips. Use morning and night. Made in Austria. Due to sales territory agreements, this item can not be shipped to the following states: MA, CT, NH and ME.

  • Skin Type: Ideal for all skin types.
  • Product Type: Eye and Lip Ointment
  • Key Ingredients:
    • Lanolin: a near-perfect skin softener and emollient, Lanolin works to moisturize, treat and protect skin against the harsh elements and aging process. It helps nourish, tone and revitalize the skin.
    • Sweet Almond Oil: an excellent emollient that helps the skin to balance its loss and absorption of moisture. Sweet almond oil is a light, non-greasy, penetrating oil that is excellent for all skin types.
    • Beeswax: one of nature's most perfect products. It is made from the nectar of flowers and has been prized since ancient times. Effectively delivers moisture and protection to delicate skin.
    • Pure Rose Extract (Rosa Damascena): offers excellent emollient and hydrating properties, which helps the skin to stay soft and properly moisturized while combating dryness and dehydration. It's gentle stimulating action is a boon for fighting aging and maintaining a soft, dewy and youthful complexion. It is an extremely expensive ingredient to produce, as it takes about 4,000 kilograms (about 8,800 pounds) of flowers to yield 1 liter (about 33.81 fluid ounces) of rose otto or about 30 roses to yield one drop of oil.
15 ml / 0.5 oz