Encore Hot Towel Cabinet with UV Sterilizer / 24 Towel (HC-C)

GW-689293   HC-C
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Experience the Luxury of Warmth and Hygiene with the Encore Hot Towel Cabinet With UV Sterilizer. Elevate your spa or salon services with the indulgence of freshly warmed towels, paired with the reassurance of UV sterilization. The Encore Hot Towel Cabinet with UV Sterilizer is the epitome of sophistication, designed to enhance your client's experience while keeping hygiene at the forefront.

The Promise Of Constant, Refreshing Warmth

The Encore Hot Towel Cabinet ensures your towels are always at an inviting 170F. This constant warmth means your clients can look forward to refreshing treatments anytime. Whether youre wrapping a client's face during a facial or cleaning their hands after a manicure, the soothing warmth of your towels will add an extra touch of luxury to your service.

Built-In Uv Sterilizer: Hygiene Made Effortless

The cabinet doesn't just warm your towelsit keeps them clean. The built-in UV sterilizer silently and effectively kills germs and bacteria, ensuring every towel you hand to your client is as hygienic as it is comforting. This powerful sterilization feature allows you to focus on delivering the best service to your clients, knowing your towels are clean and safe.

Generous Capacity For Your Business Needs

Whether you run a busy salon, spa, or wellness center, this cabinet has you covered. Designed to hold approximately 24 regular manicure or facial towels, the Encore Hot Towel Cabinet ensures you'll always have a warm, sterilized towel at hand. This generous capacity makes it perfect for businesses of all sizes, saving you time and enhancing efficiency.

A Perfect Fit: Compact And Stylish

With outside dimensions of 18.125"W x 12.125"H x 13.125"D and inside dimensions of 14"W X 7.5"H X 7.5"D, the Encore Hot Towel Cabinet is designed to fit seamlessly into your workspace. Its sleek and compact design allows you to maximize your space, while the stylish exterior complements your dcor.

Choose the Encore Hot Towel Cabinet with UV Sterilizer and bring a touch of luxury to your spa or salon. It's not just about warm towelsit's about providing a comforting, hygienic, and luxurious experience your clients will love, one warm towel at a time.


  • Includes a built-in UV lamp sterilizer.
  • Hold approximately 24 regular manicure size towels or regular facial towels.
  • Outside Dimensions: 18.125"W x 12.125"H x 13.125"D
  • Inside Dimensions: 14"W X 7.5"H X 7.5"D