Encore Locking Roller-Cart Trolley (H-2756W)

GW-689255   H-2756W
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Encore Locking Roller-Cart Trolley. This locking roller cart is a five-tray laminate trolley with casters. Features disappearing lockable door with keys to keep items safe, 3 ring appliance holders and 5 removable trays with one locking tray.

The cart can be used with the lockable pull up and down door open or closed. The cabinet is made of a durable European style pearwood laminate with a metal reinforced frame which complements our other pearwood salon furnishing. Swivel casters with smooth rubber wheels make this roller cart easy to maneuver and store.

  • 3 Ring appliance holder features
  • Built in lock w/keys
  • Smooth Wheels
  • 5 Removable trays
  • Door can be open or closed
  • Lockable pull up and down cover
  • Durable formica frame-metal reinforced
  • Swivel caster for easy movement
Over all dimensions:
Height: 38"
Depth: 19"
Width: 12.5"