Epillyss White Queen Lukewarm Wax with Essential Oils / 20 oz.

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Epillyss White Queen Lukewarm Wax with Essential Oils .


Our greatest selling product ever! This white and milky easy-to-apply wax offers a special touch of the zinc oxide renowned for its purifying and antiseptic properties often used in the treatment of skin with signs of acne or eczema. This raw material is also used as an anti-UV protection agent. This white and creamy wax suits all kinds of skin and all types of hairs - beauticians use it frequently on sensitive skin. It can be heated in the microwave oven.

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    Quick List
  • Wax Color: White
  • Melted Texture: Creamy
  • Key Ingredients: Natural Pine Resin, Natural Beeswax, Liquid Paraffin
  • Special Touch: Zinc Oxide
  • Essential Oils: Citronella
  • Microwaves: Yes
  • Melting Temperature: 39°C / 102°F
  • Size: 20 Oz.
    Features and Benefits
  • pillyss' greatest selling product ever!
  • Offers a special touch of zinc oxyde renowned for its purifying and antiseptic properties and protects from UV-rays
  • Hair Type: All
  • Skin Type: All, Sensitive
  • Ready in 2 minutes!
  • Easy application
  • Perfect for skins subject to reactions
BOLRO, A UNIQUE CONTAINER Arising out of a patented alloy of ceramic, plastic and fibreglass, our Bolro is the unique wax container fitted for microwave ovens AND wax-heaters throughout the whole world. It is a great time-saver in wax preparations. Bolro can be handled easily and its plastic sealing cap ensures the cleanliness of work areas and of all sides of this special container.

    Wax Preparation
  • Remove the hygienic safety seal and fix the collar properly. Same will become handy to receive your spatula during the application of the wax. It will also keep the container clean without any wax overflowing.
  • It can be heated in the microwave oven: remove the cover and heat while stirring regularly and lightly until desired consistency, based on your own oven - approximately 2 minutes.
  • Solo-Pil or Duo-Pil wax-heaters can also be used at maximum heat (10-15 minutes) until liquid consistency. See Softening Temperature on the container.
  • Set the thermostat lower to maintain the texture liquid - but not too hot for the skin.
  • It is suggested to cover the bolero and reduce the temperature to its minimum while not in use for a long period of time so as to slow down the evaporation of essential oils.
    Directions for Use
  • Sanitize the area to be treated with the Epillyss Pre-Depilatory Lotion.
  • Use a spatula to apply a thin and uniform layer of warm wax in the direction of hair growth.
  • Cover this layer of wax with a strip and smooth lightly for better adherence.
  • Use your free hand to withhold the stretched skin and seek your customer's help to hold the taut skin if necessary.
  • Hold one tip of the strip and pull in a very rapid motion in the opposite direction of the hair growth, as close to the skin as possible to avoid bruises.
  • Upon completion of hair-removing, apply aloes post-epilation gel to reduce redness. Smooth softly with an Epillyss soothing and moisturizing post-depilatory product of your choice.
  • Clean your working area (instruments, table and others) with Zestasol, a 100% natural product.
  • Softening Temperature: Celsius: 39° C / Fahrenheit: 102° F
  • Texture: Creamy
  • Ingredients: Colophonium (Purified pine resin), Cera Alba (Natural beeswax), Paraffinium Liquidum (Liquid paraffin)
  • Special Touch: Zinc Oxide
  • Essentials Oils: Melissa Officinalis (Citronnella)
    Suggested Application*
  • Types of Skin: All/sensitive
  • Types of Hair: All
  • Areas: All
    *This application is for information purposes as the data and/or comments do apply according to the place, technique and temperature of the wax during the treatment. Our suggestions are based on comments received from our customers and itemized along the years.
All Epillyss waxes are made for all skin areas and all types of hairs.

Avoid exposure to the sun or sun bed before and/or after any epilation session. The skin sensitivity has been enhanced by the UV-rays and is more subject to burns. If your customer is preparing for a special event, attend at the hair removal the day before. Never practice wax epilation on broken, burnt or irritated skin, on warts, moles, eyelashes, or nipples. Waxing should not be done on people with diabetes or under medication without prior consultation with their doctors. It is possible to see read spots on the skin or feel ticklings following an epilation session. They will disappear after a few hours. The use of the Epillyss aloes gel will reduce those reactions. For the first epilation, it is suggested to test a small skin area for allergies and to wait ten minutes before pursuing further.

Daily use of Epillyss Vitamin E biological cream and of the Renaissance glove will considerably reduce the dryness of the skin and the arrival of ingrown hairs. For ingrown hair areas, it is highly recommended to use the Renaissance glove while bathing or under the shower, one hour before receiving the treatment. Maximize the result of your treatment by using the Epillyss post-epilation gel or serum by electro-deposition (galvanic machine) after in-cabin treatments and by recommending it for use at home subsequently. In addition, the Epillyss PFB Vanish is excellent to reduce ingrown hairs.

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