Ergonomic Air-Lift Stool with Backrest by Equipro

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Discover the Comfort of the Ergonomic Air-Lift Stool with Backrest by Equipro. Ergonomic Air-Lift Stool with Backrest by Equipro</font> Elevate your spa or salon experience with the Ergonomic Air-Lift Stool with Backrest by Equipro, designed to deliver unparalleled comfort and support for professionals in the beauty industry. Offering superior durability, function, and style, this premium stool is the ideal choice for estheticians, cosmetologists, and spa therapists looking to enhance their work environment while providing the best possible care to their clients.

Experience Unmatched Comfort And Support

The Ergonomic Air-Lift Stool with Backrest boasts a uniquely cushioned seat, expertly crafted to improve blood circulation at the thigh level, which reduces fatigue and ensures sustained comfort throughout your workday. The adjustable and ergonomic backrest offers customizable support for your spine, allowing you to maintain optimal posture and minimize strain during long hours of treatments and services.

Effortless Mobility And Height Adjustability

Equipped with silent casters, the Ergonomic Air-Lift Stool glides smoothly and quietly across the floor, enabling you to move freely and efficiently throughout your workspace. The stool's adjustable height, ranging from 20.5 to 27.5 inches, caters to professionals of all statures and ensures a comfortable, personalized fit for every user.

Stylish And Stain-Resistant Design

The sleek, stain-resistant black base features five legs in a star configuration, providing exceptional stability and durability that you can trust. The ultra-white and ultra-resistant vinyl seat and back not only look pristine and professional but also offer easy cleaning and maintenance for a consistently polished appearance.

Trust In Quality And Performance

With a 2-year warranty, the Ergonomic Air-Lift Stool with Backrest demonstrates Equipro's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. As a wholesale distributor, we are proud to offer this outstanding product to spas, salons, and beauty professionals seeking reliable and effective solutions for their workspaces.

Simple Assembly And Impressive Specifications

The Ergonomic Air-Lift Stool with Backrest requires only partial assembly, making it a breeze to set up in your spa or salon. Weighing just 25 lbs, this lightweight yet sturdy stool offers an impressive balance of form and function, with dimensions designed to accommodate users of various heights.

Invest In Your Comfort And Success Today

Upgrade your salon or spa with the Ergonomic Air-Lift Stool with Backrest by Equipro and experience the difference that superior comfort, support, and mobility can make in your professional life. Don't settle for less choose the best for yourself and your clients.


  • With backrest
  • Cushion-shaped to help improve blood circulation at thigh level
  • Adjustable and ergonomic backrest
  • Adjustable height
  • Stain-resistant black base with 5 legs
  • Silent casters
  • 2 year-warranty
  • Ultra-white and ultra-resistant vinyl
  • Partial assembly required
  • Weight: 25lbs
  • Dimensions: Minimum height : 20.5" / maximum height : 27.5"