Erla Multi-Function Facial Trolley Unit - 9 Functions Included by Silver Spa

Silver Spa
LM-316192   F-3021

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Erla Multi-Function Facial Trolley Unit - 9 Functions Included. The Erla Multi-Function Trolley Unit has a stylish modern design. The trolley comes standard with a 5X magnifying lamp, digital ozone steamer and a hot towel cabinet. In addition, the trolley houses up to 6 devices, offering up to 9 different functions. The 4-wheel platform facilitates the movement of the unit. This amazing unit is designed for beauty and aesthetics centers.

Equipment Included:

  1. The Stylish Erla Trolley
  2. Malen LED 5X Magnifying Lamp - the magnifying lamp is designed with an LED system and is highly reliable, offering a very long lifespan (LED's typically last 50,000 hours) and energy high efficiency (compared to other cold-light lamps). This mag lamp is perfect for any kind of treatment (skin diagnostics, skin examination before and after treatments, semi-permanent make-up and eyelash tinting, etc.).
  3. Anika Digital Ozone Steamer - in any cutaneous treatment, the ozone steamer is an essential tool that provides multiple benefits to the skin. For example, it softens the skin and the dead cells before the facial cleansing treatment, it helps open the pores so as to obtain a deeper exfoliation, it contributes to eliminate grease, blackheads, traces of make-up and dirt, it helps release natural toxins of the skin, it smoothes wrinkles before the treatments, it increases the blood circulation, it hydrates the skin, it improves its metabolism and helps renew it. The ozone applied through the steamer has a germicide and anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. Elka Mini UV Towel Warmer - an essential tool to offer a relaxing and comfortable experience during the treatments. The warmer is equipped with an ultraviolet light that acts as a germicide to help ensure you have wet and hot towels in perfect condition.
  5. Karin Rotary Brush - the mechanical exfoliating process by means of brushes eliminates outer dead cells and the skin dirt, as well as the sweat excess or makeup traces. Through a pleasant massage it also stimulates blood circulation. The rotation speed is adjustable. An exfoliating product is needed to dampen the brush before starting the treatment.
  6. Jara High Frequency - This function is used to clean the skin, kill skin bacteria, regulate the glandular activity and prepare the skin before the galvanic treatment by improving like that the penetration of the product into the skin. The conductive element that runs inside the electrodes can be argon, with it's particular purple color, used to disinfect or the neon, which gives it's orange color, applied to give tone to the skin. No product is needed during the treatment.
  7. Elsi Ultrasonic - The application of ultrasounds favors the reduction of rides and scars, contributes to skin hydration and helps cosmetic actives to be well absorbed into the skin. The treatment with ultrasounds improves blood circulation and increases cell regeneration. This device allows choosing the type of wave: continuous for normal type skin and thicker tissue areas; combined wave for smoother skin areas and intermittent for sensitive skins. Always use a conductive lotion on the skin. Never apply on dry skin.
  8. Lina Vacuum & Spray - The vacuum function is the great ally of blackhead and whitehead removal, as well as acne or pore obstruction, daily dirt and persistent grease, such as make-up. By spraying a tonic, you can reduce the visibly reddened or inflamed areas. It also helps calm the skin.
  9. Tera Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber - the exfoliating spatula cleans at a very great depth and stimulates the cell regeneration. It emits very low frequency waves and vibrations that break the dirt adhered to the skin into tiny particles and soften without the steamer help. This makes very easy eliminating dead cells, blackheads, the dirt and multiple traces of the skin without damaging it and minimizing the discomfort. The result: hydrated and radiant skin with a younger aspect. An exfoliating product is required.
  10. Marin Diamond Microdermabrasion - Microdermabrasion is a precise and progressive controlled exfoliation on the horny layer (the most external layer of the epidermis), its result is a smooth, fresh and clean skin. It is specially designed to treat ageing, scars as a consequence of acne, stretch marks, blackheads and to prepare the skin for applying nutrients. It is a non-invasive and painless treatment for both young and adult skin and it does not require any product. Results can be noticed at the end of each session.