Facial Equip Techniques DVD

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Facial Equip Techniques DVD. Rita Page, an award-winning CIDESCO Diplomat, successfully navigates through the confusing world of facial equipment in this jam-packed video. Rita effectively demonstrates how to use each function of an 8-in-1 facial machine while performing a complete professional facial. She illustrates the proper use of a magnifying lamp, Wood's lamp, steamer with ozone, vacuum/spray, galvanic current, high frequency current and rotary brush. Along with the facial machine, she also utilizes an infrared light, a skin scope, Lucas spray, and CO2 spray in her facial. In addition, Rita demonstrates how to perform a successful pre-treatment client consultation and a skin analysis using a magnifying lamp, a Wood's lamp, and skin scope. Throughout the entire video, Rita's vast aesthetic knowledge and experience shines through as she offers valuable information on each procedure she performs. She also explains the reasons for using each machine function and gives precautions and tips associated with the demonstrated procedures. (2 Hrs. 47 Mins.) DVD