Facial Serum - Nutri-Bee / 0.5 oz. - part of the Amber Serum•ology Collection by Amber Products

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Facial Serum - Nutri-Bee / 0.5 oz. - part of the Amber Serumology Collection by Amber Products. Nutri-Bee Serum. Prevent premature aging by relieving congested, inflamed pores. Infused with Natural Bee Pollen, a natural antiseptic and anti-microbial, to detoxify and stimulate cell turnover. Ichthammol draws oils to relieve problamatic skin. Rhamnus Bark and Bee Propolis Extracts restore, condition, purify, and protect skin cells against infections.

Used For: Oily, Problematic, Congested, Uneven Skin Tones

An excellent retail option for clients to extend professional treatment!
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Application: 1-2 pumps per treatment. Approximately 25 treatments.

Amber Serumology:
A new serum based skincare philosophy! Amber has developed the most scientifically advanced collection of corrective skincare serums in the industry - patented formulations packed with powerful Peptides, Stem Cells, Acids, Marine Actives, Nutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals that deliver targeted results. Elevate your skin and body treatments with advanced Amber Serumology!

Why Serumology?
Serumology allows you to turn any spa service into a corrective treatment! Amber offers the largest collection of corrective serums in the industry with more than 30 high-powered formulations to treat clients professionally from head to toe. Amber Serumology provides the perfect retail opportunity to extend the professional spa treatment to your clients daily skin care routine!

Serum Types:

  • Facial and Professional Serums...
    Facial Serums are an integral step in the Amber Five Step Skincare regimen offering a targeted treatment for specific skin needs. Professional Facial Serums revolutionize the facial treatment protocol by synergistically working with any masque to more effectively treat targeted skin ailments.
  • Waxing Serums...
    Add a skin treatment aspect to your waxing service! Amber Waxing Serums offer unique, powerful formulations using cutting-edge ingredients to deliver after wax skin soothing benefits and ingrown hair prevention for a more comprehensive service.
  • Body Serums...
    Target specific skin ailments during any body treatment or massage! Amber Body Serum's unique formulations are designed to treat body acne, congested skin cells, dry patchy skin, and age spots.
  • Hand Serums...
    Implement Serumology into your manicure treatment with Amber Hand Serums! Specifically formulated for hand ailments such as skin pigmentation issues like age spots, freckles and sun damage or designed to treat extremely dry, chafed aged skin. Turn a service into a treatment!