Fantasea 20 Piece Cosmetic Brush Set with Pouch

VO-222582   FSC199
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Fantasea 20 Piece Cosmetic Brush Set With Pouch. This 20-piece brush set from Fantasea is a must-have for any beauty professional. With a variety of brushes for eyes, lips, and face, this set has everything you need to create any look your client desires. Each brush is made with high-quality synthetic bristles that are soft and gentle on the skin, making application a breeze. The brushes come in a convenient pouch that keeps them organized and protected when not in use.

With this brush set, you can easily achieve a flawless finish on your client's makeup. The soft bristles ensure that the product is evenly distributed for a natural-looking finish, while the variety of brush sizes and shapes allows for precision application. You can use the smaller brushes for more detailed work, like applying eyeliner or filling in eyebrows, and the larger brushes for foundation, blush, or powder.

Investing in this brush set is a no-brainer for any professional in the beauty industry. You'll be able to provide your clients with the highest quality makeup application, which will keep them coming back for more. Don't settle for less when it comes to your tools of the trade - choose the Fantasea 20 Piece Cosmetic Brush Set With Pouch for unparalleled performance and reliability.


  1. Powder brush - goat
  2. Blush brush - goat
  3. Contour brush - goat
  4. Fan brush - badger
  5. Large angular brow brush - sable
  6. Medium angular brow brush - sable
  7. Small angular brow brush - sable
  8. Large shadow brush - sable
  9. Medium shadow brush - sable
  10. Small shadow brush - sable
  11. Large concealer brush - sable
  12. Small concealer brush - sable
  13. Crease brush - sable
  14. Eyeshadow applicator
  15. Smudger
  16. Thin liner brush - sable
  17. Eye liner brush - sable
  18. Eyelash Comb / Eyebrow Brush
  19. Mascara Brush
  20. Lip Brush - Sable