FSC® Certified Paper Spatula - 2.05" x 0.43" / 50 Pieces Per Bag X 25 Bags = Case of 1,250

LV-631684   20095 X 25
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Experience Professional Precision with FSC Certified Paper Spatulas. When it comes to providing high-quality service to your clients, every detail counts. The FSC Certified Paper Spatula allows for precision in the application and testing of various cosmetic formulations. Engineered for single-use, it eliminates the risk of cross-contamination while being eco-friendly.

Accurate And Easy-To-Use

These spatulas, measuring 2.05 inch x 0.43 inch (52.1 mm x 10.9 mm), are perfectly sized for all cosmetic applications. The design simplifies the process of sampling or testing, ensuring accuracy and precision with every use. The sturdy, EQO-friendly FSC Certified Paper provides a firm grip and a smooth, even spread.

Sustainably Sourced

Each spatula is made from FSC Certified Paper, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility. These spatulas are not just disposable but are also responsibly sourced and eco-friendly. You can deliver impeccable service to your clients, knowing you're making an environmentally conscious choice.

Packaged For Convenience

Each case comes with 50 pieces per bag, and with 25 bags, that's a total of 1,250 FSC Certified Paper Spatulas at your disposal. This convenient packaging ensures you always have these indispensable tools on hand for all your professional beauty needs.


  • Measurements: 2.05 inch x 0.43 inch (52.1 mm x 10.9 mm)
  • Material: FSC Certified Paper
  • Packaging: 50 Pieces Per Bag X 25 Bags = Case of 1,250 FSC Certified Paper Spatulas