Gelish Xpress Dip - Clueless Collection - Powers of Persuasion / 1.5 oz.

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Gelish Xpress Dip - Clueless Collection - Powers of Persuasion / 1.5 oz.. We promise you're not buggin! The Clueless Summer 2022 Collection in partnership with Paramount Pictures is brought to you by Gelish & Morgan Taylor! The Clueless Collection features a range of twelve dynamic shades inspired by the iconic film. These shades are a fun, vibrant throwback that promise to bring back all the nostalgia of the 90s.

Shades Include:

  • Oops, My Bad!
  • So Check It
  • Ugh, As If
  • Highly Selective
  • Adorably Clueless
  • Driving In Platforms
  • Power Of Persuasion
  • Total Betty
  • She's A Classic
  • I Totally Paused
  • Let's Do A Makeover
  • Two Snaps For You
Gelish Xpress Dip. Dip Your Way to Gorgeous Nails. Gelish Xpress Dip, the latest evolution in dip powder systems. Gelish Xpress Dip offers a faster application process with no more gummy brushes. Featuring an accelerated color application with their patent-pending ColorFusion Dip Powders that combine a unique mix of dip powder and activator to create intense, vibrant manicures. All Xpress Dip colorsmatch your favorite Gelish and Morgan Taylor shades and deliver 21 days of wear in an order-free with a vitamin-infused formula containing vitamins B, C, and E making them nail friendly. With faster, even application, the Gelish Xpress Dip formula is designed to prevent brittleness or over-hardening.

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