GIBS Black Kodiak Beard Balm Aid / 2 oz. - 56 grams

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GIBS Black Kodiak Beard Balm Aid / 2 oz. - 56 grams. Beard badasses, it's time to spiff, not stiff, your whiskers! We're helping you do it with our new Black Kodiak Beard Balm-Aid; a one-two punch to your pucker. This double duty wonder product acts as a balm and pomade in one, busting a smooth move on your beard and keeping strands in place and at attention for whatever life throws your way. Shea and cocoa butters help soothe and breathe life, and manhood, back into brittle, busted beards, leaving your barbell of a beard soft and strong. Coconut, grape seed and sweet almond oils slick, shine and condition your jaw jersey while sending beardruff to the curb. Finally, catch a beard buzz with a little beeswax, which adds a finishing touch of hold and heft without that stiff upper lip. All wrapped up in manly hints of cognac, bergamot, black carnation and musk, you won't want to forget to slip Black Kodiak into your grooming toolbox.