GIBS Hitman Texturizing Spray / 5 oz. - 148 mL.

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GIBS Hitman Texturizing Spray / 5 oz. - 148 mL. When you're a man on the run, you don't have time to primp and style. With GIBS Hitman Texturizing Spray, all it takes is a quick shot and a tousle with your fingers for a textured, messy, just-drove-off-in-a-cloud-of-dust look. Topped off with Keratin, Hops and Holy Basil, this spray isn't for the weak hearted (or haired).

Hints of Clove, Cognac & Amber Tabacco


Keratin Protein Helps to improve hair's strength and elasticity Holy Basil Helps boost immunity, moisturize and sooth dry scalps Helps eliminate pimples and breakouts along the hairline Hops Anti-inflammatory, astringent properties and growth Soothes the scalp while helping reduce and prevent dandruff and hair loss

Hitman Tip:
For best results, spray into clean, damp hair then blow dry on a low-heat setting to achieve base texture. Mist more Hitman as needed to build desired texture. Its the one you never saw comin that always gets ya!