GIBS Man Wash BHB - Beard, Hair & Body / 12 oz. - 355 mL.

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GIBS Man Wash BHB - Beard, Hair & Body / 12 oz. - 355 mL. All a guy really needs in the shower is a smile. Because you have better things to do than stress over your man tresses, our Man Wash BHB is the perfect power tool for the splash and dash. Slice precious time out of your cleansing routine with this all-over lather that takes care of your beard, hair and netherregions in triple time. Our sulfate and paraben free formula, fortified with Copaiba Balsam and Tea Tree oils, cleanses and conditions your hair and skin without stripping away precious moisture, while rugged, lingering scents of citrus, oak and basil send you out the door smelling like you just emerged from the forest of man. Man Wash BHB is the ultimate 3-way for your shower; one you'll never regret the morning after.


Copaiba Balsam Oil has been used throughout history as a natural cleansing and conditioning agent for both the hair and skin. It's moisturizing properties also help to soothe the skin and renew shine and texture to hair. Tea Tree Oil is a natural, cleansing alternative to harsh chemicals, such as sulfates. It helps to soothe and replenish dry, damaged skin, while increasing your hair and beard's overall health from the inside out.