GiGi Pre-Hon Cleansing Lotion / 8 oz. Bottle

VO-224447   GG-0700
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GiGi Pre-Hon Cleansing Lotion / 8 oz. Bottle. Achieve flawless hair removal with GiGi Pre-Hon Cleansing Lotion! Our antiseptic formula ensures effective and gentle hair removal by cleansing and protecting the skin, making it a must-have first step for every professional. Perfect for sensitive areas, this cleansing lotion is suitable for use on both face and body and can be used with all GiGi hair removal systems. Simply apply Pre-Hon to a white tissue and pat on the area to be epilated. Dry thoroughly with a clean tissue and follow with GiGi Honnee application for the best results. Get ready to provide your clients with a smooth and comfortable hair removal experience with GiGi Pre-Hon Cleansing Lotion!

Product Benefits:

  • Pre-epilation cleansing lotion
  • Cleanses and protects the skin
  • For use on face and body
  • For use with all GiGI hair removal systems
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