Graduated Large Pipette Bulb 3ml / 10 Pack

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Enhance Precision and Efficiency with the Graduated Large Pipette Bulb.

Upgrade your professional spa, salon, or medical practice with the Graduated Large Pipette Bulb 3ml/10 Pack. Designed to meet the needs of meticulous experts like you, this small yet powerful pipette is a must-have tool for precise measurements and accurate dispensing. Whether you're a spa therapist, salon professional, massage therapist, doctor, waxing technician, or nail technician, this exceptional product will revolutionize your daily routine and elevate the level of service you provide to your valued clients.

Precise Measurement For Superior Results

With a stem diameter of 7.9 mm and an overall capacity of 7.5 ml, the Graduated Large Pipette Bulb offers unparalleled precision and control. Its small 3 ml pipette size is perfectly suited for measuring essential oils, serums, lotions, and other products that require accurate dosage. Each pack contains 10 of these reliable pipettes, ensuring you always have enough on hand to meet your clients' needs.

Effortless Dispensing With Large Bulb Design

Featuring a large bulb, this pipette facilitates comfortable and effortless dispensing. Its user-friendly design allows for a firm grip, ensuring smooth operation and preventing accidental spills. Whether you're applying essential oils during a relaxing massage, distributing skincare serums, or administering medical solutions, the Graduated Large Pipette Bulb provides the perfect balance between ease of use and precise application.

Experience The Benefits:

  • Accurately measure essential oils, serums, and other products
  • Precise dosage for consistent results
  • Effortless dispensing with a large bulb design
  • Enhanced control and accuracy for professional use
  • Designed for comfort and ease of use
  • 10-pack ensures a sufficient supply

Elevate Your Professional Practice

The Graduated Large Pipette Bulb empowers you to deliver an exceptional experience to your clients. By ensuring accurate and consistent dosing, you can achieve superior results in your spa treatments, salon services, medical procedures, or nail and waxing applications. The professional-grade quality of this product sets you apart from the competition and instills confidence in your clients, knowing they are receiving top-notch care from a dedicated professional.

Invest In Quality And Reliability

As a discerning professional, you understand the importance of investing in high-quality tools and equipment. The Graduated Large Pipette Bulb is no exception. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this pipette is built to withstand the demands of your busy practice. You can rely on its accurate measurements and dependable performance, day in and day out, ensuring that your clients receive the exceptional service they deserve.

Upgrade Your Toolkit Today

Don't settle for anything less than perfection. Enhance your professional practice with the Graduated Large Pipette Bulb 3ml/10 Pack and experience the difference it can make in your daily routine. Place your order now and elevate your level of precision, efficiency, and client satisfaction.