Handblown Clear Amphorae / 15 mL. by Katari Handmade Accessories

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Handblown Clear Amphorae / 15 mL. by Katari Handmade Accessories. Handblown glass bottle for oils, toners, fragrance, etc. Comes with natural cork closure rated for oils and perfumes. Great for to show off ingredients inside with 100% plastic-free, handmade clear glass.

The alternative to this beauty is a plastic ketchup container, as many of our clients complained before we went ahead and made a stunning option for them and their customers. You can add this piece of art glass to your arsenal of accessories.

And no, it does not roll off the table. :) Just give a try. You will be surprised how cool it is to have a piece of modern antiquity in your hands.

Storage & Handling:
Please use care as you would with any glass accessory. These glass bottles (amphorae) are dishwasher safe. If you choose to wash cork, please use mild soap and air dry them before using again.


Ingredients are important even when it comes to simple accessories. There is no plastic mixed into this glass. It is made out of pure, lab-quality glass, which means that adding and storing ingredients in this jar will not create a reaction where ingredients might change their chemistry. And ingredient chemistry, unaltered, is what you need in any incredible natural beauty recipe.

Whether you keep your own recipes in this bottle or sell this bottle filled with your own creations using our ingredients or other ingredients, it is up to you. It will add to shelf appeal and to your ability to sell your recipes for after-care and for care in-between appointments.sample,sample jar,sample pot,lotion sample,masque sample,mask sample,oil bottle,sample oil bottle, sample oil jar, oil jar