Handblown Frosted Glass Amphorae / 30 mL. / Pack of 6 by Katari Handmade Accessories

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Handblown Frosted Glass Amphorae / 30 mL. / Pack of 6 by Katari Handmade Accessories. Handblown glass bottle for oils, toners, fragrance, etc. Comes with natural cork closure rated for oils and perfumes. Great for tinctures that requires non-clear glass to protect ingredients inside.

For every spa, every apothecary, every beauty kitchen, and every beauty enthusiast who is tired of plastic and wants functional, non-reactive and stunning accessories to work with, there is a plastic-free, pure glass beautiful alternative.

Here is our beautiful glass amphorae (ancient bottle) for mixing perfumes, oils, toners, waters and other potions that love to be poured in and out. It comes in clear glass or in frosted glass and is outfitted with cork for tight and secure closure. Pack of 6.

Storage & Handling:
Please use care as you would with any glass accessory. These glass bottles (amphorae) are dishwasher safe. If you choose to wash cork, please use mild soap and air dry them before using again.


Ingredients are important even when it comes to simple accessories. There is no plastic mixed into this glass. It is made out of pure, lab-quality glass, which means that adding and storing ingredients in this jar will not create a reaction where ingredients might change their chemistry. And ingredient chemistry, unaltered, is what you need in any incredible natural beauty recipe.

Any liquid can be poured into and stored in this beautiful bottle. And you can sell these bottles along with your recipes to your customers for after and in-between treatments care. Why not make your products continue working even after your customer leaves and they also walk away with a stunning piece of art to proudly have on their counter.

And, they can always bring the empty bottles back to be refilled - it makes it truly sustainable and allows you and your customer to get in touch even more.sample,sample jar,sample pot,lotion sample,masque sample,mask sample,oil bottle,sample oil bottle, sample oil jar, oil jar