How To Create The Perfect Eyebrow Book

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How To Create The Perfect Eyebrow Book. In "How to Create the Perfect Eyebrow," Victoria Bush has combined her extensive experience and expertise as a makeup artist, image consultant, and business woman in the salon industry to teach the art of eyebrow perfection. The reader will receive extensive instruction in basic and advanced skills relating to eye set, arch placement, beginning point, ending point, long-standing rules, and corrective techniques. By including more than 100 photographs, illustrations, and charts, the author has ensured that beauty professionals who apply these techniques will become Master Eyebrow Specialists, thus increasing client satisfaction and profit. 174 pages.

Key Features:

1. Hands-on workbook format teaches measuring, recording, drawing, and other approaches to successfully assess the client's features.

2. Precise methods of corrective and other advanced enhancement techniques increase customer satisfaction and profits.

3. Valuable information about facial zones, face shapes, facial feature analysis, and eyebrow analysis strengthens knowledge of facial and eyebrow assessment.

Chapter 1 - The Art and Science of Creating Beautiful, Symmetrical Eyebrows

Chapter 2 - The Study of the Facial Zones

Chapter 3 - The Study of the Geometric Face Shapes

Chapter 4 - The Study of Eye Set

Chapter 5 - Assessing the Facial Features

Chapter 6 - Assessing the Eyebrow

Chapter 7 - Rules of Proper Eyebrow Management

Chapter 8 - Corrective Techniques to the Eyebrow to Enhance the Features of the Face

Chapter 9 - Eyebrow Design Methods

Chapter 10 - Performing Eyebrow Design and Enhancement

Chapter 11 - Hair Removal for the Eyebrows

Chapter 12 - Other Eyebrow Enhancement Services

Chapter 13 - Case Studies: Eyebrow Design in Practice

Appendix A - Answers to Chapter Questions

Appendix B - Resource Directory