Hydraluxe Acute Care Post-Filler Kit / Effective Following Lip Fillers To Shorten Healing Time by Mizzi RX

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HydraLuxe Acute Care Kit: Optimal Healing Post Lip Injection. Experience the transformative power of HydraLuxe, crafted to significantly diminish the healing time post lip filler procedures while effectively minimizing pain and visible signs of bruising.

The Ultimate Two-Step Healing Solution

Welcome to the world where excellence meets aftercare. Introducing the HydraLuxe Acute Care Kit, a meticulously designed regimen tailored for optimal healing post lip injection, ensuring your clients a smooth, quick recovery with beautiful results.

Immediate Application, Long-Lasting Benefits

Seamlessly integrate the use of the HydraLuxe Acute Care Kit into your treatment room, providing immediate relief and support to the healing process or send it home with your clients for consistent, ongoing care, promoting enhanced results and satisfied customers.

Step One: Hydraluxe Concentrate

Liberally apply the concentrate over the vermillion border to fiercely combat dry skin and effectively reduce inflammation. Experience the rapid healing power of Mizzi Formulated HA combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of Licorice Root, ensuring moisture retention, expedited healing, and minimized swelling.

Step Two: Hydraluxe Balm

Seal the deal with the HydraLuxe Balm, locking in essential moisture while continually promoting optimal healing. Ideal for post-procedure photos, this balm, infused with Astragalus and Arnica, not only enhances skin radiance and firmness but actively works to restore natural skin balance. Experience the reduction in inflammation, boosted collagen production, enhanced blood circulation, improved nourishment, and regenerated skin cells. Witness the fading of scars or sun damage, thanks to the added power of Licorice Root.

Key Potent Ingredients

Concentrate: Unearth the brilliance of key ingredients like Mizzi Formulated HA, Astragalus, Licorice Root, and Olive Squalane, each playing a significant role in the healing journey. Balm: Discover the unique blend of Mizzi Formulated HA, Arnica, and Lactobacillus Ferment, uniting to provide a holistic healing and restoration experience for your clients.