Ioniderm Galvanic Machine by Equipro

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Revolutionize Skincare Treatments with the Ioniderm Galvanic Machine by Equipro. Elevate your spa or salon's skincare services with the Ioniderm Galvanic Machine by Equipro, a cutting-edge device that harnesses the power of electric current to deliver transformative results. As a beauty professional, you understand that offering innovative treatments can set your establishment apart from the competition. With the Ioniderm, you can provide clients with an advanced, effective, and luxurious experience that caters to their unique skincare needs.

Chemical And Ionic Reactions For Enhanced Skincare Results:

The Ioniderm Galvanic Machine uses electric current to create two significant reactions in esthetics: chemical (disincrustation) and ionic (iontophoresis). By converting oscillating current from an electrical outlet into a direct current, the Ioniderm allows electrons to flow continuously in the same direction, resulting in a relaxation response that targets specific nerve endings in the epidermis. This technology enables estheticians to effectively push skincare products deep into the client's skin, enhancing absorption and maximizing product benefits.

Compact Design With Integrated Storage For Optimal Functionality:

The Ioniderm Galvanic Machine is designed with the professional in mind, featuring a compact model that seamlessly fits into any spa or salon environment. The device also includes integrated storage space for accessories, ensuring that all necessary components are easily accessible during treatments.

Complete Set Of Accessories For A Fully Customizable Experience:

The Ioniderm Galvanic Machine comes equipped with everything you need to provide clients with a personalized and effective skincare treatment. The package includes one handheld electrode, two wires (one red and one black), one disincrustor, two Spontex sponges, and a Spontex sleeve for the electrode. These versatile accessories allow you to tailor each treatment to the specific needs and preferences of your clients.

Quality And Reliability You Can Trust:

When it comes to investing in professional equipment for your spa or salon, you need to know that the products you choose are reliable and built to last. The Ioniderm Galvanic Machine is CSA approved, consumes only 18 watts of power, and weighs a mere 9 lbs (4 kg). Plus, it's backed by a 2-year warranty, giving you peace of mind as you offer your clients the very best in skincare treatments.

Take your spa or salon's skincare services to the next level with the Ioniderm Galvanic Machine by Equipro. This advanced device delivers unparalleled results, enabling you to offer clients a truly unique and effective skincare experience that they won't find anywhere else.


  • Compact model
  • Integrated storage space for accessories
  • 1 hand held electrode
  • 2 wires: 1red & black
  • 1 disincrustor
  • 2 spontex sponges
  • Spontex sleeve for electrode
  • 2 year-warranty
  • C.S.A. approved
  • 18 watts
  • Weight: 9 lbs / 4 kg