ItalWax Flex Wax - Rose Oil - Soft Strip Wax from Italy / 14 oz. Can

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ItalWax Flex Wax - Rose Oil - Soft Strip Wax from Italy / 14 oz. Can. ItalWax Flex - Rose Oil - Soft Strip Wax. Medium density wax with Titanium Dioxide is light pink in color, perfectly visible on the skin. Rose oil Flex Wax contains Rosa Canina (dog-rose) essential oil, known for its healing effect. Wax has very delicate structure and is recommended for sensitive areas. Designed to remove all the hairs, even very short ones.

Flex Soft Wax is an innovative product by ItalWax. Its unique formula is a perfect mix of natural resins with distinctive components. ItalWax Flex is characterized by very high plasticity when applied in thin layer with a spatula on large surfaces. ItalWax Flex wax forms a thin film on the skin, which grabs all the hairs and guarantees firm adhesion with the waxing strip. Waxing with ItalWax Flex wax is less painful for the client, comparing to classic soft waxes, because Flex doesnt adhere to the skin.

Benefits Of Flex Wax:

  • FLEX Wax doesnt leave sticky feeling on the skin
  • FLEX Wax removes 100% of hairs without breaking them
  • FLEX Wax is suitable for all hair types

Waxing Procedure For Flex Soft Wax Italwax:

  1. Preheat the wax can in the professional heater to 102°F-104°F.
  2. Treat the depilation area with a pre-wax lotion ItalWax.
  3. Dip the wooden spatula in the wax and then apply it onto the treated area in the direction of the hair growth.
  4. Apply the strip while keeping the end of the strip in a wax-free area.
  5. Tightly press the strip to the skin.
  6. While holding the free end of the strip, remove the strip with a fast movement in the direction opposite to the hair growth and parallel to the skin.
  7. Repeat the procedure on the next area. Do not apply wax on the same area more than twice.
  8. On completion of the procedure remove any wax residue with an after-wax oily lotion ItalWax.

Most Common Mistakes During Hair Removal With Soft Waxes:

  1. Wrong application (against the direction of the hair growth ) and wrong removal (in the direction of the hair growth), which results in failure to pull out all hairs.
  2. Ripping the strip off perpendicular to the skin leads to hematomas.
  3. Multiple wax application onto the same area leads to damaging the upper epidermis layer
Acute and chronic skin diseases in waxing area. Varicose veins in the area of the procedure.

Warning: as with all waxes, test the sensitivity of the skin on the inner part of forearm.