Keyano Aromatherapy Massage Oil / 2 oz. / Aches & Pains

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Keyano Aromatherapy Massage Oil / 2 oz. / Aches & Pains. Differentiate your massage from the competition. Allow clients to select the Keyano Aromatherapy Massage Oil they would like use during their treatment, then send them home with the remaining oil. Each trial-sized bottle contains 2 oz of oil.

Choose From:

  • Coconut Lime: Refreshingly sweet, tangy aroma to inspire thoughts of the tropics.
  • Champagne and Rose: Rich, romantic, renewing bouquet of scent.
  • Chocolate: Comfort food for your skin, featuring a signature chocolate scent.
  • Mango: A cool, refreshing, tropical scent.
  • Cranberry: Refreshing, engaging, clean aroma.
  • Tranquility Aromatherapy: Designed to combat stress and relieve tension.