La Fleur Pedicure Spa 9500 with Shiatsu Massage by Gulfstream

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La Fleur Pedicure Spa 9500 with Shiatsu Massage by Gulfstream. ColorsEnjoy the elegance and performance of the new La Fleur Pedicure Chair. The seat has forward, backward and reclining adjustments. The state-of-the-art Shiatsu roller back system feels like strong hands on your back, with rolling, kneading, and percussion functions all controlled by the hand-held remote. In addition to pre-programmed massages, the client also can have precise control of the location and type of massage. The flip-up armrests are made of real wood with durable polyurethane finish, and the footrest is adjustable to the preferred height of the therapist.

This Cleanjet pedicure unit incorporates a massage system much like the techinques used by massage and chiropractic professionals for back and spinal care. The massage starts with a multi-patent pending mechanism that works like "wrists and arms." Then "the hands" were added -- massage discs that move three-dimensionally. The result is a massage that feels remarkably human.

Four massage functions to choose from. This unit offers rolling, kneading, percussion, and the exclusive compression function preferred by doctors.

Kneading - Ease soreness and work out the "knots" with a deep kneading massage.

Percussion - Feel invigorated by the sensation of hands rapidly tapping on your back muscles.

Rolling - Feel the tension dissolve with the gentle rolling massage.

This pedicure unit features our new Cleanjet spa. The quiet jets eliminate the harsh noise and vibration of typical pedicure units. This Cleanjet system can be easily and completely cleaned reducing the possibility of cross contamination from one user to the next, eliminating the risk of infection.

Traditional pedicure spas retain dirty bath water that allows bacteria to flourish. When you use the new Cleanjet pedicure footbaths at your salon, you can guarantee to your customers that the pedicure equipment is safe and hygienic each and every time you use it. Cleanjet pedicure spa equipment and foot massagers are the hygienic choice of salon owners because they allow for thorough water jet cleaning. Piped systems retain dirty bath water within the jets and suction fittings. Your customers will never have to choose between hydrotherapy and hygiene when they use Cleanjet. Cleanjet hygienic systems function quietly and smoothly; delivering superior hydrotherapy while providing a relaxing atmosphere.

In addition to providing a hygienic environment for pedicures, this Cleanjet tub is ideal for offering your customers additional hydrotherapy services, such as relief for swollen ankles, and other therapeutic muscle and joint massage benefits. Indulge yourself by ordering one of these beautiful and functional pedicure units for your home, salon or spa today. The rich-looking upholstery is a soft and supple material that looks, feels and is as durable as leather. This sophisticated yet practical design accents any decor. Call today and speak with one of our sales representatives to learn more.

The basin is luxurious handmade solid glass and equipped with CleanJet pipeless technology. Chromatherapy lighting of water in basin cycles through seven colors. Standard basin is clear or green glass; also available in amber, blue, azurlite, or black glass. Optional auto discharge pumps for installations where floor drain not available.

32"W x 55"L (40"L spa area) Chair & Arm extend 4" on each side beyond base.