Label.M Honey & Oat Mask / 4.05 oz. - 120 mL.

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Label.M Honey & Oat Mask / 4.05 oz. - 120 mL. Stylist Best Beauty 2016 Shortlisted - Best New Treatment - A lightweight hydrating mask for visibly dry and dehydrated hair. The exclusive Hydra-5 moisture-regulating complex works to prevent damage, replace lost moisture, and strengthen from within leaving hair luxuriously soft & strong with a luscious scent.

Directions: To be used in addition to your daily conditioner, every 3 or4 washes. Spread the mask evenly throughout washed towel-dried hair, massage theproduct from root to tip. Leave the mask for 1-5 minutes depending on the condition of hair and rinse with cool water.

To achieve the ultimate results for dry and dehydrated hair, use as part of a3-step care regime with the Honey & Oat Shampoo & Conditioner.