Large Depilatory Wax Warmer Bowl - Holds 8 Lbs. of Amber Wax! by Amber Products

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Large Depilatory Wax Warmer Bowl - Holds 8 Lbs. of Amber Wax!. This high quality, heavy duty wax melter can be used with hard or soft depilatory wax and is equipped with a very stable temperature control. The unit has an incredible 8 Lb. wax capacity making it one of the highest capacity warmers in the world. Your salon can increase client turnaround while increasing revenue with the addition of this high capacity wax warmer. Warmer lid and manual included. Can be used as a stand alone unit or as part of the Amber Smart Bar Concept.


  • Amber stipulates that this is for use with Amber Wax ONLY.
    Other use will void warranty.
  • Stylish design enhances your treatment room decor
  • Holds 8 lbs. of Hard or Soft wax
  • See through warmer cover included
  • Stainless steel lined bowl
  • 5.97" high x 14.5 diameter
  • Temperature Range 0-170° F

The Amber Wax Bowl is designed to heat a large capacity of wax FOR HIGH VOLUME HAIR REMOVAL.
THE Amber WAX BOWL IS ONLY TO be used by a professional licensed esthetician.
  1. Remove heater from package and place on a sturdy surface near an electrical outlet.
  2. Place desired amount of wax into bowl. The Wax Bowl holds up to 8 lbs of wax.
    Do not overfill with wax.
  3. Place lid on Bowl to keep temperature evenly distributed.
    Keep bowl on a sturdy surface at all times.
  4. Plug in heater and the Green Indicator Light will illuminate and
    will remain illuminated until heater is unplugged.
  5. To turn power on, press the power button located in the center of the control panel.
    • Red lights will flash in a row until temperature is reached.
    • To adjust temperature, press the up arrow to increase temperature
      and press the down arrow to decrease temperature.
    • When temperature is adjusted, red lights will blink until desired temperature
      is reached, then the red lights will remain steadily lit.
  6. WARNING!! Always test temperature of wax before applying.
  7. To turn power off, press power button in center of control panel. All red lights will turn off.
  8. After use, unplug heater. The Green Indicator light will turn off.
TO CLEAN - Unplug heater. Discard remaining wax. Use EQUIPMENT CLEANER ON ALL SURFACES.