Lotus Touch Peppermint Essential Oil / 10 mL

Lotus Touch
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Lotus Touch Peppermint Essential Oil / 10 mL. Light, refreshing, clear minty aroma. Clear in color. Cools and clears. Helps relieve headaches.

Note: All Lotus Touch essential oils are pure, therapeutic grade oils. They are triple tested by 2 independent testing facilities to ensure purity, potency and quality. Please be aware that only 3% of the essential oils on the market are considered therapeutic grade.




mentha piperita

Distillation/Extraction Method

Steam distillation from the leaves of the herb

Suggested Use

Peppermint, as used in after-dinner mints, is popular after a bout of over-indulgence. Blend 1 drop of Peppermint with 5ml of Sunflower oil for a comforting tummy rub (massage in a clockwise direction!).

Try adding 4 drops to a bowl of warm water for a wonderfully refreshing footbath.

It is a good insect repellent. Use in a burner or diffuser or add 10 drops to a plant spray filled with water. Shake well and spray the room, pets' bedding, etc. (Avoid polished wood - may cause bleaching of fabric.)

Cost per Treatment

Cost per treatment is $0.14.

*See below for an explanation of Cost Per Treatment.

*Cost per treatment is based on 5 drops per ounce of massage cream or lotion. If blended with massage or carrier oils, use 10 drops per ounce. The number of drops should be adjusted based on the actual essential oil being used in the treatment. A full-body massage will require approximately 2 ounces of massage product. This actual amount used will vary based on therapist experience, size of the client, how dry the client's skin is and the type of massage product being used.

Did you know?

Acknowledged as the best quality Peppermint available, English Peppermint is at the luxury end of the market. The normal American mentha piperita tends to go into products such as toothpaste and confectionery. English peppermint (also known as Mitcham Peppermint) is used for after-dinner mints and mint liqueurs. It is a much smoother, fuller, and more rounded oil than the standard product. It has an unusually high content of methylesters (giving excellent body and sweetness) and a modest content of the bitter tasting ketone, Menthone.

Specific Safety Advice

Do not use Peppermint during the first 4 months of pregnancy and with care thereafter.