Marvy Sterilizer Jar / 25 oz. with Removable Basket

VO-224802   J3
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Marvy Sterilizer Jar / 25 oz. with Removable Basket. Looking for a sterilizer jar that's both practical and efficient? Look no further than the Marvy Sterilizer Jar. With its 25 oz capacity, this jar is perfect for keeping your beauty tools clean and germ-free. The removable basket makes it easy to access your tools while the non-slip rubber base ensures it stays securely in place.

Say goodbye to cluttered workspaces and hello to a more streamlined and hygienic beauty routine. Invest in the Marvy Sterilizer Jar today and see the difference for yourself.


  • 25 oz size
  • Removable basket.
  • on-slip rubber base