Massage: A Career At Your Fingertips Workbook 5th

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Massage: A Career At Your Fingertips Workbook 5th.

Massage A Career At Your Fingertips (4Th Edition)

Both a career manual and a reference directory, this book begins with an exploration of the nature of the massage profession, its recent history, and the realities of making a living in this field.
    Specific Content:
  • Introduction to the Fourth Edition
    Part I: An Overview of the Profession and What it Takes To Succeed In It
  • Chapter 1: Is A Career In Massage For You?
  • Chapter 2: The Massage and Bodywork Field: Its Time Has Come What is massage, anyway?
  • Chapter 3: Current Professional and Political Issues What is at stake?
    Part II: Career Options, Strategies and Tactics
  • Chapter 4: Your Career in Massage or Bodywork
  • Chapter 5: Career Options in Massage
  • Chapter 6: Career Strategies Investigating the field
  • Chapter 7: Marketing Yourself as Massage Therapist
  • Chapter 8: Opening A Massage Office Governmental requirements
    Part III: Sex, Gender and Touch
  • Chapter 9: Sex and Massage
  • Chapter 10: For Men Only
  • Chapter 11: Working With Survivors of Childhood Sexual or Physical Abuse
    Part IV: Business, Practical and Legal Information for the Practitioner
  • Chapter 12: Business Basics and Practice Pointers
  • Chapter 13: Ethics and Boundaries: Fundamentals of ethics
  • Chapter 14: Staying Healthy in a Demanding Field Tips from experienced professionals
  • Chapter 15: Laundry and Linens Hire a service vs. do it yourself
  • Chapter 16: Professional Associations
  • Chapter 17: Insurance Why buy insurance?
  • Chapter 18: Laws You Should Know About and State Regulation of Massage
  • Chapter 19: Income Taxes
  • Chapter 20: Scientific Research on The Benefits of Massage
  • Chapter 21: Reimbursement For Your Services by Insurance Companies
  • Chapter 22: Keeping Client and Financial Records Tax records
  • Chapter 23: Managing Your Money
    Part V: Sources of Equipment and Information
    Part VI: Bodywork Organizations and Trainings
    Part VII: State-by-State Directory