Massage For Sports Health Care Professionals

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Massage For Sports Health Care Professionals. This special package includes theMassage for Sports Health Care video and theUnderstanding Sports Massage book.

Massage for Sports Health Care helps athletic trainers, physical therapists, and strength and conditioning coaches become familiar with a variety of techniques to broaden their range of services to athletes and clients. This video will help you learn how to incorporate sports massage into any sports health care program. It covers basic massage techniques to:
- Reduce the physiological impact on the body of vigorous sports activities
- Help aid healing
- Improve mental well-being
- Relax the muscle groups for better performance

Benny Vaughn, a licensed massage therapist and a leading innovator in clinical sports massage techniques, provides precise instruction for using massage for training, pre- and post-event situations, and treatment of chronic overuse injuries. A certified athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist, Vaughn is also head of sports massage instruction for the U.S. Olympic Team's athletic trainers.

In addition to its thorough coverage of massage techniques and applications, Massage for Sports Health Care provides complete information on setting up a permanent or an on-the-road sports massage area, including information about equipment and supplies.

Personal trainers, sports psychologists, massage therapists, and athletes can also find valuable information in this video. Whether it's a new technique to help a client rehabilitate from an injury or a pre-event massage to reduce anxiety and increase an athlete's sense of readiness to compete, Massage for Sports Health Care has something for every professional in the field. 45 minutes in length.

Understanding Sports Massage offers comprehensive information on how to use massage in any sports setting. Massage can enhance athletes' conditioning and performance, reduce injury potential, and aid rehabilitation after an injury. This book focuses on the following topics:

- Theoretical basis for sports massage
- Various applications of massage for athletes-restorative, event-related, and maintenance
- Massage and adjunct techniques
- The effects of each technique
- Tips on giving massage
- How to set up a sports massage program
- Contraindications and cautions

Featuring more than 60 illustrations of sports massage techniques, the book readers through the finer points of planning and giving a massage, including the following:

- body mechanics
- palpation
- technique selection
- movement qualities such as rhythm and pacing
- monitoring pain
- the massage routine

Readers will learn how to blend basic skills and techniques to develop a smooth, flowing style that produces the desired physiological and psychological effects. The book also outlines how to implement a sports massage program in a variety of settings and discusses the unique requirements of each setting.

Understanding Sports Massage will help readers ensure the health and enhance the performance of their athletes.

136 pages