MD Pre-Wax Spray / 8 oz. by Amber Products

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MD Pre-Wax Spray / 8 oz. by Amber Products. A gentle cleansing agent to effectively remove excess dirt, oils and make-up - while mildly desensitizing the skin.

Md Waxing System Key Benefits:

  • Quick Warm-up - about 15 minutes - much faster than standard wax warmer / can systems
  • Benefit Over Roll-on Wax Systems - Eliminates cross contamination between clients that occurs using a roll on system with disposable heads
  • Neat, attractive and organized work space - heater houses all components including Pre-Wax Spray and After Wax Quench.
  • Multiple Tube Wax choices:
    • Amber Classic Wax
    • Amber Rose Wax
    • Amber Cream Wax
    • Amber Turquoise Chamomile Wax
  • 3 sizes of disposbale applicator heads to customize application for face, bikini or body.
  • Applying gentle pressure on the warmed tube spreads an even flow of wax through the applicator head - makes waxing quick and efficient.
About the Amber MD Waxing System:
The MD waxing system is a revolutionary new system designed to increase hygiene, speed, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The MD eliminates cross contamination between clients that occurs using a roll on system. The unique new MD applicators are attached to a tube of high quality Amber resin based soft wax that is applied directly and evenly onto the treatment area. Disposing of the applicator after each treatment minimizes the risk of transferring bacteria.