Medical Massage For The Lumbar Region VHS

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Medical Massage For The Lumbar Region VHS. This, theMedical Massage for the Lumbar Region video, from Ralph Stephens, world renown as one of the nation's top educators in Sports Massage. A popular presenter at National, Regional, and State conventions, he is known for making concepts and techniques easy to understand and fun to learn. The video presents a complete medical massage routine for the posterior lumbar region with the patient in the prone position. Clearly shown and explained information will help you thoroughly examine and normalize the soft tissues of the low back. The common causes of low back pain including trigger points, postural distortion, and pronation are shown and clearly explained. Demonstrated are powerful, yet easy, safe and pain-free methods that can help you provide relief for people with low back pain, lumbar strains, back spasms, over-pronation syndrome, and other painful, common soft tissue conditions in the lumbar area. Primal 3D anatomy drawing, Trigger Point drawings, and anatomical models to help you understand the anatomy and sources of pain in the lumbar region. Medical massage techniques are clearly demonstrated and explained to make learning fast and easy.

90 minutes in length

"Invaluable information on the low back!" Terri, FL

"High WOW factor" Ken, IA

90 minutes in length