Meishida Vacuum & Spray + Breast Apparatus

VK-700518   CM-4016
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Meishida Vacuum & Spray + Breast Apparatus. A valuable combination of 2 functions in 1 convenient system. First, the vacuum function removes any surface debris and aids in the cleansing process. Then the sprayer allows you to lightly shower the skin with your favorite revitalizing toner or mist. Unite comes complete with sprayers and 3 separate vacuum attachments. As well as breast enhancer.

Dimensions: 16.5"L x 13.4"W x 6.5"H


  • Always make sure the spray head is connected to the right nozzle of the machine, to prevent accidental vacuuming of any spray solution into the pump, which can damage the pump of your machine and void your manufacturer's warranty.
  • Do not use the vac/spray pump for extended periods without cool-down time between treatments in order to prevent overheating of the pump and damage to the machine. Damage caused by overheating of the pump is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.