Meishida Woods Lamp

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Meishida Woods Lamp. This easy to use Hand Held Ultraviolet Woods Lamp is a diagnostic tool used by which ultraviolet light is shone (at a wavelength of approximately 365 nanometers) onto the skin of the subject. The Esthetician then observes any subsequent fluorescence to help them analyze of the customers skin conditions, diseases and injuries. Different substances become luminous when exposed under the light of the woods lamp enabling the esthetician to analyze the surface and deeper layers of the skin, in order to determine proper treatment of various skin conditions. For example, porphyrins - associated with some skin diseases - will fluoresce pink.

Wood's Lamps useful in diagnosing conditions such as tuberous sclerosis and erythrasma, both in distinguishing them from other conditions and in locating the precise boundaries of the condition. It is also helpful in diagnosing fungal infections (Microsporum audouini), bacterial infections (Corynebacteriium minutissimum, Pseudomonas), and pigmentary disorders.

Wood's Lamps are also ideal for use with superficial chemical peels. Superficial chemical peels are being used with increasing frequency in the treatment of photoaging. With a Wood's lamp (maximum output 365 nm) and the addition of salicylic acid and fluorescein sodium (solutions that are readily available), the progress of the superficial chemical peel can be visualized. The Wood's Lamp accentuates epidermal pigment and therefore highlights dyschromia that will respond to a superficial chemical peel. Similarly, salicylic acid and fluorescein sodium fluoresce when viewed under the Wood's Lamp examination. Thus, hen fluorescent compounds are incorporated into a superficial chemical peel, then fluorescence can accurately locate skip areas, minimize inadvertent overlayering, and thereby avoid deeper penetration.