Moist Heat Hot Pack Cervical 24" Long

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Moist Heat Hot Pack Cervical 24" Long. Sun-Pak Hot Packs - Neck Contour

Available in 3 sizes, the Sun-Pak Hot Packs are designed to fit every contour of the body. Used with the Sun-Pak Heating Unit, these packs provide up to 35 minutes of deep soothing therapeutic moist heat. These hot packs are designed to be heated in the Sun-Pak Heating Unit. The hot packs can be used in many types of pain management and therapy. These packs will also work in any comparable water bath heating unit such as the hydrocollator.
Microwaveable as long as they are moist before putting them in the microwave. Tabs for convenient pick up. Available in Oversize, Standard, and Neck Contour.


Neck Contour - 24" Long

Oversize - 15" x 23"

Standard - 10" x 12"


Bentonite filling - clay like material

Outside - Cotton duck


Do not microwave.

If removed from water, freeze Hot Pak.

This product contains no latex.

For professional use in conjunction with a towel or terry wrap.