Multiwave LED Light Therapy - LED Treatments in 7 Wavelengths by Meishida

VK-800736   LED-600
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Multiwave LED Light Therapy - LED Treatments in 7 Wavelengths. Photon dynamic technology (uses active cold lights) that helps in producing collagen protein, anti aging, acne removal, skin repairs and much more. 218 bright LED lights, 150mw each.

7 Led Colors / Treatment:

  • Red: 640nm (+/-10) helps in anti aging treatment /skin tightening/wrinkle removal/fine lines lifting/toning/ improve metabolism/increase collagen
  • Blue: 470nm (+/-10) treats acne /oily pores/promotes protein and compounding in bones
  • Purple: 420nm (+/-10) Combination of RED & BLUE light for treating acne scars.Combines benefits of both red and blue light
  • Yellow: 590nm (+/-10) Energizes skin cells/cures skin imperfections/enhances immunity
  • Green: 525nm (+/-10) Skin neutralization/balancing/calming/eliminating edema
  • Orange: 590nm (+/-10) Accelerates metabolism
  • White: 640nm (+/-10) Penetrates deep into the skin to improve fine lines & flabby skin
Includes TWO Small hand held HANDLES for treating fine lines and wrinkles in face and smaller areas. One Year Warranty.