Nacach Wax - Multi-Combine Professional Wax Warmer

Nacach Wax
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Nacach Wax - Multi-Combine Professional Wax Warmer. The Multi-Combine Wax Warmer is the perfect way to heat multiple wax products simultaneously. Waxing specialists have the option to heat one wax can (soft wax or hard wax beads) and two cartridges of roll-on wax at the same time, depending on the days scheduled. Ideal for busy salons and busier estheticians, this warmer is sure to be an excellent addition to any waxing station. Our mission is to supply your business with the right wax heaters options to provide efficient tools for your business.

Our mission is to supply your business with all of the right tools to provide your clients with a satisfying depilatory experience. Our professional wax warmers are sure to make your job simpler, so you can spend more time providing your customers with the service they expect.

Fits two 100ml / 3.3 fl. oz. individual cartridges and one 400ml / 14 oz. wax can.


  • Connect the power cable to the socket and wait for the red light comes on.
  • Place the 400ml or 800ml jar of wax in the cup provided. The melted wax must not get into the cup of the device.
  • Turn the thermostat clockwise to increase the temperature. (When the red light goes out, the set temperature has been reached. The wax may take 25-35 minutes to heat.
  • The device can be left switched on for the entire working day.
  • To also use the cartridge heater, fit the 100 ml wax cartridge into the handpiece and fit it into the stand provided. Make sure the green light has come on and wait for 20 to 30 for the wax to melt. (Be careful during use that the melted wax must not get inside the handpiece.)