Nacach Wax - Single Can Professional Wax Warmer (Soft Wax Only)

Nacach Wax
NW-333275   SING-CAN-WW
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Nacach Wax - Single Can Professional Wax Warmer (Soft Wax Only). Nacach Wax S/84 Wax Warmer is perfect for professional estheticians. This compact wax warmer was designed with performance and usability in mind to maintain the products temperature desired. Instructions provided in the box.

This Italian-made product gives you complete control to provide your customers with a pleasant hair removal experience without the mess. All of our wax warmers have explicitly been crafted for easy cleaning after a long day of waxing.

Fits one can up to 14 oz.


  • Plug the power cable to the socket. The red light indicates that the device is heating up.
  • Insert the wax can (400ml or 800 ml) into the wax warmer.
  • Set the desired temperature with the knob.
  • The time required for heating the wax may vary from 25 to 35 minutes.
  • The warmer can remain plugged in for the entire working day.