Natural Diffuser Salt Lamp

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Natural Diffuser Salt Lamp. This medium sized salt lamp has its bulb opening extend all the way through the lamp so a metal bowl can be set upon the top, enabling the heated diffusion of oils or scents.

The more negative ions that are generated, the better the ambient air will become. The size of the salt crystal lamp and the conditions of the surrounding area will ultimately determine the radiant effect of a negative ion discharge.

Deep within the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains is the purest salt in the world. Talented craftsmen and artists carefully select, hand-carve, and shape unique salt crystals that are used to create these Salt Crystal Lamps. All lamps are also assembled with a solid base and a quick-change bulb assembly by skilled craftsmen.

The soft illumination of the glowing light will create an enchanting environment that will freshen and clean the air, inspire your imagination, and awaken your clients' senses.


  • Naturally cleans the air with negative ions.
  • Provides ambiance.
  • Diffuses essential oils.

    Green Comment:
    Created with pure pristine chemical-free Himalayan salt for a natural alternative to similar products made with plastic or other non-renewable materials.