NaturaverdePro - HONEY WAX with Vitamin E - Soft Strip Wax - Made in Italy / Case = 14 oz. - 397 grams Can X 8 Cans

NV-203001   NVW14HV X 8
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Luxurious Honey & Vitamin E Soft Wax. Discover the secret to smooth, radiant skin with our Honey with Vitamin E Wax. Tailored for professionals in the spa and salon industry, this premium wax combines the natural benefits of honey with the powerful soothing properties of Vitamin E.

Unmatched Quality For Spa Professionals

Our Italian-made Honey with Vitamin E Wax is a superior choice for efficient and effective hair removal. Designed to spread smoothly and grip firmly, it is perfect for treating larger areas of the body with precision and care. Suitable for various skin types, especially those prone to oiliness, it caters to the high standards of industry experts.

Enhanced With Soothing Vitamin E

Infused with Vitamin E, this wax not only removes hair but also conditions the skin, promoting your clients' comfort and skin health. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin E aid in protecting the skin, ensuring a soothing experience.

Optimal Performance With Every Use

Combine our wax with either non-woven or muslin epilating strips for a flawless hair removal process. The refined texture ensures a smooth application while adhering to medium to coarse hair types effectively.

Simple And Safe Application

Our wax is user-friendly and adheres to safety protocols, with clear instructions to prevent overheating. The consistency is maintained to ensure a safe application that minimizes skin irritation and discomfort.

Directions For Perfect Use

Effortless to heat and apply, follow our detailed guide for a perfect waxing session every time. Ensure the temperature is just right to achieve the best results without risking the skin's well-being.

Complete Post-Wax Care

Post-treatment, our Nourish Post-Treatment Oil and Soothe After-Wax Lotion provide the perfect finish to the waxing experience, leaving skin feeling soft, hydrated, and residue-free.


  • Infused with Vitamin E to help soothe and condition the skin for your clients' well-being.
  • Ideal for medium to coarse hair types and oily skin.
  • Use with our non-woven or muslin epilating strips for complete hair removal.
  • Italian-made and Dermatologist Tested.


Glyceryl Rosinate, Mineral Oil / Paraffinum Liquidum / Huile Minerale, Honey / Mel / Miel, Tocopheryl Acetate

Directions For Use

Remove plastic lid, slide protective collar onto can and place can in warmer. Heat wax until it has a thin, syrup-like consistency. To test, dip an applicator into wax, which should stick to applicator. If wax runs off applicator, it is too hot to use. After cleansing and drying the skin, use a disposable wooden applicator to apply a thin layer of wax to the skin in the direction of hair growth. Apply epilating strip over wax and stroke cloth in direction of hair growth. Hold skin taut and pull epilating strip quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth, keeping strip close to skin. Never re-apply wax in the same area. After waxing is complete, apply Nourish Post-Treatment Oil to remove any residue and follow with Soothe After-Wax Lotion.