Plum Smooth Waxing Trial Kit

Plum Smooth
VU-307711   PSW001
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Plum Smooth Waxing Trial Kit. Plum Smooth waxing products are high quality and economical! But dont listen to us - sample them for yourself. This one time only purchase allows you to not only try the Plum Smooth line but to also provide your clients with a first-class waxing experience. The following are included: Sweet Plum Soft Wax, 16 oz. can (PSW320), Plum Bare Stripless Wax, 16 oz. can (PSW3062), Plumb Calm, 4 oz. (PSW3182), Plumb Numb, 1 oz. (PSW316), Plumb Genius, 3.38 oz. (PSW317)