Polyvinyl Gloves - Medium Size - 100 Count

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Protect Your Staff and Clients with Polyvinyl Gloves.

Medium-Sized Gloves With Exceptional Barrier Protection

When it comes to providing a safe and hygienic experience for your staff and clients, the right gloves can make all the difference. That's why we offer these high-quality polyvinyl gloves that meet the same exam-grade standards as latex gloves, without the risk of latex allergies. These gloves are the perfect choice for any professional in need of reliable barrier protection.

Latex-Free For Sensitive Skin

Many people have allergies or sensitivities to latex, which can cause uncomfortable or even dangerous reactions. Our polyvinyl gloves are made from PVC, a latex-free material that offers the same protection as latex without the risk of allergic reactions. This makes them a safe and practical choice for anyone with sensitive skin, or for use in environments where latex exposure should be minimized.

Comfortable And Easy To Use

These gloves are designed to be comfortable and easy to use, with a flexible material that allows for a secure fit and full range of motion. They are also powder-free, which makes them easy to put on and take off without leaving residue behind. With a box of 100 medium-sized gloves, you'll have plenty on hand to keep your business running smoothly.

Key Features:

  • Medical-grade polyvinyl gloves
  • Latex-free for sensitive skin
  • Same barrier protection as latex
  • Meets exam-grade standards
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Powder-free for easy use
  • Box of 100 medium-sized gloves

Whether you're a spa, salon, massage therapist, doctor's office, waxing technician, or nail technician, these polyvinyl gloves are an essential tool for maintaining a safe and hygienic environment. Don't take any chances with your clients' health choose these reliable and effective gloves for all your professional needs.