Premium Saddle Seat Lever Stool Black

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Premium Saddle Seat Lever Stool Black. Premium Saddle Seat Stool

The saddle shape is distinctive and very practical. You will experience its dynamic design the moment you sit on it, as the saddle seat invites variation and movement. Users sit with an open hip angle allowing the hip joints to rest in an open position so the spine can be in perfect balance. Stress on the back is reduced. Shoulder girdle stability and hand control is improved.

Therapists, surgeons, dentists and artists all love and benefit by using saddle seat!


  • Saddle design reduces pressure on legs and body
  • Easy, one-touch pneumatic control
  • Effortless glide on five twin-wheeled casters
  • Use as low as (18" to 23") or as high as (24" to 29")