Professional Non-Stick Silicone Wax Cans & Spatulas / Blue and Red / Set of 2

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Experience Next-Level Waxing with our Silicone Wax Warmer Liner.

Boost your spa/salons waxing treatments with our premium Silicone Wax Warmer Liners. Expertly designed for spa and salon professionals like you, these non-stick silicone bowls revolutionize hair removal services by making the wax heating and removal process more efficient and straightforward. Crafted for modern salons, these liners come in a handy kit containing two silicone wax warmer liners and two silicone spatulas in visually appealing colors.

Effortless Cleanup And Maintenance

Time-consuming cleanups are now a thing of the past. Thanks to our Silicone Wax Warmer Liner's advanced non-stick material, cleaning the wax pot becomes an effortless task. The process is simple: allow the wax to solidify, bend the silicone pot to release the hardened wax disk, and there you have it - no messy wax remnants!

Quick And Efficient Wax Melting

Designed with a flat-bottom structure, our Silicone Wax Warmer Liner enhances the heat transfer between the wax pot and the warmer. This design element increases the heating area, accelerating the wax melting process. The result? You'll be ready for your next client in no time!

Safety And Precision, All In One Package

With your safety in mind, we've designed our waxing pot with two ear handles. These unique features allow for safe handling, even when hot, minimizing the risk of burns. Plus, the pot's internal measurement lines aid in controlling the quantity of melted wax, eliminating wastage and ensuring an optimized waxing experience for your clients.

Perfectly Sized For Professional Use

With dimensions of 3.94 inches X 2.56 inches, our Silicone Wax Warmer Liner is suitable for 16 oz capacity wax machines with a diameter of 4.1 inches. Please remember to measure your wax warmer for the perfect fit before confirming your order.

Complete Kit For Ultimate Convenience

The kit includes two replacement silicone wax pots and two wax spatulas, allowing simultaneous use with different waxes, enhancing efficiency, and saving precious time. The inclusion of silicone spatulas removes the need for wooden stirring sticks, contributing to a cleaner, more organized workspace.