Refectocil Brow Lamination Kit - 15 Treatments

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Refectocil Brow Lamination Kit - 15 Treatments. Refectocil Brow LaminationEveryone wants them, but only very few have them: beautifully defined full and natural-looking brows. Any professional wanting to achieve the perfect shape and fullness with long-lasting results the natural way on their client should use the NEW Brow Lamination Kit by Refectocil.

In one simple appointment, realign the direction of hair growth to enhance the brow shape creating the look of full, fluffy brows. The Keratin ingredients inside have a hair strengthening effect and the application time is only 10 minutes.

Refectocil Brow Lamination Kit Includes:

  • 2 x sets of Lash Perm / Neutralizer Solutions
  • 2 x Browista Tool
  • 2 x Mini Cosmetic Dish
  • 1 x Pair of Eye Care Pads

Brow Lamination Kit Return On Investment:

  • Average treatment: $75.00
  • Treatment time: 15-20 min.
  • 1 kit: 15 applications
  • 1 kit: $1125.00 Revenue!

3 Easy Steps To Perfect Brows:

  2. TINT
  3. CARE
After the brows have been laminated using the NEW Refectocil Brow Lamination Kit, they can immediately be tinted with Refectocil tints for lashes and brows.

For a perfect finish, apply Refectocil Styling Gel. This can be used daily on tinted brows. It nourishes them while giving them a beautiful shine.

Brow Lamination Application:

  1. Clean the brows with the Refectocil Micellar Eye Make-up Remover. Use the Saline Solution for degreasing and the removal of residues. Skin and hair must be dry before starting the application.
  2. Use the rubber spoolie to brush through the brows and comb them into the desired shape.
  3. Apply Lashperm (1) to the complete brow. Start at the beginning of the brow and continue the application in the same direction the brows have been combed.
  4. Be careful to leave out the skin around the brows and remove the unwanted product from the skin with a clean cotton swab. Application time Lashperm: 7-8 minutes
    • In case you chose to perform the service using eyebrow foil, cover the whole brow tightly with it. Application time Lashperm: 5 minutes
  5. Remove Lashperm with a dry cotton swab or pad. Follow the direction in which you have brushed the hair. If necessary correct individual hairs.
  6. Apply the Neutralizer (2) using a brush. Repeat the steps of applying Lashperm as described in point 3. Application time: 5 minutes
  7. Remove the Neutralizer (2) with a moist cotton pad. Clean the eyebrow area thoroughly with the Refectocil Saline Solution to remove any residues.
  8. Tint the eyebrows in the desired color using Refectocil Eyelash & Eyebrow tint. Application time after a Brow Lamination: Only 3 minutes!
  9. After removing the color, brush the brows one more time into shape using the rubber spoolie. If necessary trim the hairs using eyebrow scissors.